The group "Cordas et Cannas" was born in 1978/1979 in Olbia through the meeting of musician coming from different experiences.
Soon they discovered again the "musica in limba" of the poetas et cantadores from Sardinia. Musica in limba is a Sardinian therm that indicates the music singed only in Sardinian language, played by the poetas et cantadores, the singing poets of the island. These were invited for very special occasions where they had the chance to improvise poems and novels by plaiyng music about a given theme.
The style of the group grew through three different but complementery moments; Cantos et musicas de sa Sardigna (1983), Scalmentu (1985) and Musicalimba (1988) a sort of triad: hypothesis, antithesis and sinthesis.
In the CD "Musicalimba" the musician developed to its mature style for the '80 and '90 and gained a final differentation from other groups. with the two compositions of "Nanneddu and Su Testamentu", both poems of Peppino Mereu, "Cordas et Cannas" starts their very particular way of composing that reveals a new musical vein.

The main theme remains the ispiration from the Sardinian tradition as we can hear in composition like "Tancas Serradas" by Melchiorre Murenu, "Sos piratas Barbarescos by the poet Raimondo Piras, Procurade 'e Moderare, the protest against the landowners of the 18° centry, by Ignaziofrancesco Mannu and "Ninna nanna Pitzinnu" a lull- song by Antioco Casula.
But the reinvention of the tradition by the using of modern and typical Sardinian instruments represents the chanche to gain a new interest from the younger generations and is the way to rech a great number of people, not only in Sardinia.
In 1997 the group took place to the "Womad Festival" in Reading organsed by Peter Gabriel where they obtained their final international consecration through a great pubblic resonance.
"Cordas et Cannas" played the last 15 years quite all over the world: Glasgow, Shetland Island ( Scotland), Lowstoft, Lincoln, London, Notthingam, Manchester (England), Belfast, Derry (Ireland), Brouge, Bruxell (Belgian), Strasburgo, Gallard (France), Groninghen (Holland), Mar del Plata (Argentina), Montreal (Canada), Grand Junction (Colorado), New York, New Jersey (USA), Melbourne, Brisbane (Australian).

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